Race Report: Tour of the Gila Stage 1- SM 4/5

Gila stage one race report: The race started on a neutral downhill of like 12% it was silly tbh. but then we rolled right into the first climb of the day which was pretty tamed, we all stayed together till the last half mile or so till the hill kicked up a bit and some guys got dropped. Ryan and Zyggy made the front into the SKETCHY AS BEEEPPPPPP down hill where zyggy got dropped and ryan over did a turn but caught back up, by the bottom of the hill Kyle reconnected to zyggy and eventually the peloton came back together after they slowed to slow speed. The sprint did not go the way we planned Ryan led kyle out but got caught behind the front line of riders and could not get around so he got 4th with a strong effort. The race settled back down and we cruised to around mile 40 where some attacks went off the front but were drawn back in. at this point Zyggys bladder was about to EXPLODE. about 3 miles from the base of hill a 2 man break fleewwww off the front but our boy kyle brought them back with a hard pull on the front. Zyggy is still hiding in the back doing nothing, classic. Then we made the right hander into the hill, all the primal guys are there. Zyggy goes to the front immediately and begins to push the pace from the start. The peloton starts to string out and riders are getting dropped, about 10 minutes into the climb there are 4 guys off the front, group of 5 behind them, and a group of 4 i think (ryan is there somewhere in the 2nd group) the front group works together super well to expand there lead on the downhills pace lining very well. As the rolling hills continued the group went down to 3 guys with a 1 minute lead over the field with zyggy in it. We continued to push to keep our lead going. We made the right hand turn into the final one K and we start to look around, some kid takes then front for a pull and then Zyggy is back to the front with 800 to go. we start to look at each other but zyggy keeps the pedal down, we hit the 500 meters to go mark and zyggy launches into an all out sprint for the line and hangs on for dear life to cross first. Great day out there, gonna letter rip tomorrow in the TT


Jordan Sher