To be the last team you ever join.


Primal - Audi Denver Racing started as HART Racing in 2003, as an antidote to teams who didn't race with heart, or guts, or spirit.  We didn't have much in terms of resources, but we had heart in spades.

Fast forward to today. We've got a little more support behind us, but the heart, guts and spirit remain.

Instead, we see a new problem that threatens the sport. Today, bike racing seems too elite. Too formalized. And too selective. In fact, in a world where performance road cycling is keeping riders out, we see an opportunity. A chance to create the kind of team atmosphere that you'll never want to leave. And frankly, it's about riding with that same heart, but also so much more. 

That's why we provide more than just a team for our crew. We provide a life. 

Join us, and you'll never be alone on a weekend. 

Join us, and you'll get all your bike questions answered.

Join us, and you'll rediscover the passion you had for riding and staying in shape. 

And join us, because we're the group that never lets you down, both on the road and off.

Heart, guts and spirit are such important ingredients to a successful life. They can be taught on the road. And they're maintained by the people by your side.

The view is great. The memories are greater.

The view is great. The memories are greater.