Sponsorship has its privileges.


Sponsorship ain't what it used to be. it's better.

Time was, sponsoring a bike team didn't have a lot of marketing ROI. You wrote checks, sent product, and never heard from your "investment" ever again.

We have changed the rules.

With active Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels, we guarantee an increase in social media engagement. 

With a strong presence at grassroots cycling events like Tour De Cure, MS 150, Courage Classic and more, we can guarantee an increase in brand goodwill and Net Promoter Value.

And with an active base of 85 brand ambassadors, we can guarantee a boost in your sales, product distribution and word-of-mouth.

You'll know it when you see us tag you on social. When you view our content machine in action. And when you receive our periodic updates on your awareness in action. 

Don't write checks into the ether. Make an investment in your marketing funnel.