Race Report: Boulder Roubaix SM4

Race Report: Boulder Roubaix SM-4

We started with an astounding 13 riders with 5 working for a podium spot. Early on Clayton helped calm things down and identified other strong riders in the peloton to watch. DMC helped deliver riders to the front where they could stay out of trouble. The gravel roads struck quickly and knocked out Trevor, DMC, and Jabez with flats in the first thirty minutes. The remainder of the race was all about taking clean lines and staying upright. I watched several riders go down right in front of me in loose gravel after taking a turn too fast on the first lap and I got loose a few times myself. A break was starting to establish halfway through the second lap and Neil single handedly pulled them back. Swanson, Neil, Kyle, Margolis, and myself were in the lead pack coming into the final rollers when the pace started to get serious, about 5K from the finish line. I threw out a test attack going up the first of the rollers and the group immediately followed, but it did allow me to get good position at the front, sitting in 3rd wheel for the remaining rollers and going into the final turn, with one kicker remaining before the long drag to the finish. I decided my best chance was to attack early instead of sprinting with the group and I made my bid up the kicker with about 1.5K remaining. I was able to put a small gap on the field and just managed to hold them off at the finish. Swanson sprinted to a clutch 4th place finish, cementing the team win despite a 2-3 finish from the rival Groove Subaru team. Super awesome to have a big group of teammates and Primal - Audi Denver supporters celebrating at the finish line. Margolis and Neil finished at the back of the lead group after putting in a ton of hard work on the final lap. Kyle was in good position in the lead pack until he flatted about 1.5 miles from the finish. Michael Welker, Clayton Leon, Brian Metz, Patrick Santino, and Robert Watkins rounded out the Primal - Audi Denver finishers for the day.

-Ryan Witt

Jordan Sher