Race Report: City Park Crit SM P-1-2

Primal – Audi Team Starters – Matt DeAngelis, Michal Roast/Danger Panda, Adam Fivehouse, Lucas ClarkeWe had a good plan coming into the race, we were going to surf the back and not do too much work until 5 laps to go and then we were going to move towards the front and keep the pace high for the bunch finish.“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”The punch to the face was a break of 5 guys that formed 15min into the race. The peloton thought it would be brought back but in 3 laps they had 40 seconds and Rio and Groove Subaru Teams were represented in the break and were doing a great job of blocking on the front.“Damn…we should have gone in that break!” I thought to myselfDanger Panda, Matty D, Myself, David Almanzan and Drew Christopher started taking hard, 30 second pulls on the front to bring the group back. In about 25min we caught the break after doing a TON of work. Louis Rodriguez moved to the front through the start finish and led the group through the round about, BAM, he hit the seem in the concrete and went down HARD. I bunny hopped his wheel and then bunny hopped the curb landing on my back wheel and blowing the tire. I started running back toward the pit and Danger gave me his rear wheel and I reached the pits just as the guys went off the front. Chased hard to get back to the pack and then patrolled the front.We got organized with 1 lap to go. I was on Matty D’s wheel and he was on Drew’s. We got squeezed on the far side of the pond and I had to go wide left in the run up to the sprint. Landed 10th, Matty D was 15th. The new course was great, fast and safer than the old course. You could pedal all of the corners at speed. It would have been nice to have 20-30 more guys to really string it out and we should have been in that break. I am still kicking myself for that.


Jordan Sher