Race Report: DFC Crit SM3

Murphy had laid down a solid plan to 1. Get into a break early on 2. If caught remain at the front to close down other attempts 3. Provide a lead out for Sani if possible 4. Have Travis do as much as possible to assist Murphy in closing down breaks.  We stuck the plan really well and even picked up a prime after Murphy yelled "Saaaaaniiii you there?!" like 3 times before I realized what he was saying.  We took off on the tailwind section and had no problem picking up an awesome winter jacket.  A few attempts to create a break went nowhere, and most of the race was pretty chill.  Last lap,  Travis and Murphy are sitting at the front with myself 10th wheel just waiting for the little kicker to move up to Murphy .  Travis was at the front hammering just before we made a left and started heading downhill towards the finish.  There was a little bit of a tussle for Murphy's wheel, but I managed to stay there.   Due to all the breaks that Murphy had to close down he didn't have the legs for a lead out, so I jumped to the front group of three riders with Travis at the front and waiting to see who was going to make a move.  I happened to be on the wheel of the kid that won the race, but when it came to dodging in between people and taking risks before the final corner, I said "I'm out".  Finished 7th.  Very happy with our communication and execution of plans

- Sani

Jordan Sher