Race Report: Louisville Criterium Cat 5

With myself and Neil being the only two Primal guys in the Cat 5 race we wanted to make sure to try and set the tone. Right from the start we tried to stay towards the front and push the pace a little, in hopes of splintering the group. The pack was whittled down to about 6-8 guys including myself and Neil. After a few hard efforts to break away we realized it would probably come down to the last couple of laps. On the last lap I pushed hard on the descent to try and break away (descents are much easier when you weigh as much as I do). Neil was controlling the pace in the chase pack and did a great job at maintaining a contending position for the final effort on the uphill. Once we hit the hill I threw down whatever I had left to get to the top and Neil fought it out for an incredibly close third place. 

Aaron Calhoun

Jordan Sher